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Architectural Studio is a top residential architect firm in Chicago. We work on many different types of projects. Some of the projects are new construction single family homes or residential apartment buildings. Also, we work on townhouse design, apartments, offices, and restaurants. As a residential architect near your location, we can provide expert project management with local expertise. Lastly, we have the capabilities to provide apartment builders near your location.

In summary, as Chicago residential architects, we have an in-depth knowledge of Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Architectural Studio

Architectural Rendering Services

Our step by step process lets our clients more easily understand the whole project. Being Chicago residential architects, our clients and their community are important to us. We have broken our process down into several steps. Below we have listed them out, along with some details.

  • Preliminary Design – First, we research the criteria for the project prior to starting, including methods such as programming and site analysis.
  • Schematic Design – Then, we utilize the information found in the Preliminary Design to explore multiple design ideas. Next, we present these options to the owner and narrow them down to one.
  • Design Development – After that, we develop the design and finalize most of the design decisions.
  • Construction Documentation – Towards the end of this phase, written and graphic documents will provide the requirements for starting the project. Also, we will obtain local agency approvals.
  • Construction Administration – Finally, we manage the construction of the project.

We are a residential architect near your home.  Give us a call so we can learn more about your home and needs.


Architectural Studio

Apartment Builders Near Me

We understand that today’s apartment construction must blend management, suppliers, and technology with architects’ design to create quality homes. Architectural Studio has all the necessary resources to meet these needs as apartment builders.

Project management and analysis software are tools that our team use. We work with automated scheduling and estimating systems. However, we realize it’s not just budgets, materials, and labor that ensures every job is completed on time.  Even with the highest quality materials, our people are what make our systems work.

We are recognized in the building industry as apartment builders near your location. We provide cost savings through the implementation of quality construction work.  Our clients then have options when it comes to the construction of their home.

We are a residential architect near your home. We offer a free consult to all new clients.

Architectural Studio

Townhouse Design

Typically, townhouse design is for duplexes, row houses, or other multi-family buildings. Townhouses are designed as single-family homes and connected to another house by a side wall. Often, townhome plans are created in urban areas where housing is competitive. These structures tend to be designed to save space while offering individual homes for families, couples or singles. Townhouse design plans are two or three levels. They range in style, size, and square footage.

Are you in the market for residential architects near you? Our townhouse design team is recognized for their skill in residential architecture.


Architectural Studio

Best Residential Architects in Chicago

Moreover, our residential work is highly accredited throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our team can help redesign your home.  When looking for licensed and insured professionals, our team will meet your needs. Our clients trust us with their visions, and we are able to make them a reality.

Here are reasons to have a residential architect for your home project:

  • We are your advocate
  • Our team has the knowledge for the project
  • Your family’s needs are unique
  • We get it right from the beginning

Obviously, your home is important to you. Because of that, we fully understand the stress that can go into these home projects.

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